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Dear Cue Ball Tracker,

I am amazed at how Cue Ball Tracker has helped me see the cue ball's path. I never realized I was practicing wrong until I used the top spin path. I have finally adjusted my game by just being able to see the real cue ball path with Cue Ball Tracker. Just being able to see the top spin path allowed me to make the slight adjustment to my game to get the cue ball where I always wanted it. This is how cue ball position should be played.




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It's too easy. Don't miss out.

I was speaking with Charlie Bond at the National Championships in Vegas some years back and he made a comment about Cue Ball Tracker, "you know. Your product is like a pair of pliers. It isn't a tool you always need, but it's a tool you should always have in your toolbox. Everyone should have a Cue Ball Tracker on their cue just in case you need it."

We really do feel this way too. It's such an easy tool to use while playing and you cannot beat the reminder Cue Ball Tracker gives you in the moment. Of course you don't need it all the time. Of course you can see the cue ball's path already. Of course there are times when you scratch, or miss your leave because you didn't see the correct cue ball's path. It happens to everyone!


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